Thursday, April 14, 2011

Estrogen Dominance: A Cultural Condition Part 2 Dominance: A Cultural Condition
Part 2: Estrogen & Your Liver – Taking Back Control
The liver is the main organ in our body that breaks down fats, hormones, drugs, and other toxic chemicals, and prepares them for removal from our body. Our body uses lots of different nutrients in these processes. Your body works hard to processes any one of these, but the combination of pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, environmental exposures such as pesticides, hormone altering PCP’s and bispthalates, and even air pollution makes our liver work even harder. We have a limited supply of the nutrients we need to process hormones and toxins, and can end up running short on what our liver needs to continue processing for elimination, and hormones and toxins start to build up in our systems.
Our body tries to solve this problem by storing them in our fat cells, but it can only do this so long before we start to experience symptoms of this dysfunction.

What You Can Do Tips
  1. Eliminate plastic from your life, as much as possible
  2. Hot plastic is the worst. Use a stainless steel water bottle if possible, and never drink out of a plastic water bottle that has gotten hot. Use glass containers for dinner leftovers. NEVER HEAT ANYTHING in plastic!
  3. Buy organic when possible
  4. Check out the Environmental Working Group’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides at for a list of the most & least contaminated fruits & vegetables.
  5. Wash your fruits & vegetables!
  6. Use organic apple cider vinegar and water to wash your vegetables for the best results in pesticide removal.
  7. Eat your vegetables!
  8. The Cruciferous family of vegetables, which is includes broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and Brussels sprouts, helps your body detoxify and process estrogens.
  9. Contact your Naturopathic Doctor for more information on specific liver support for processing estrogens, supporting your body in binding circulating estrogens, and minimizing re-absorption.
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